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Kunststichting Perspektief vzw (KSP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing cross-cultural understanding and exposure to the arts internationally  

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The International Biennials presented by the Art Foundation "Kunststichting Perspektief vzw" a Belgian ngo.  are huge leading exhibitions in the national and international art scene.

These events provide a unique focus on excellence in contemporary glass, paper, ceramic and textile art with respect to the work of leading international artists.

With location at the Cultural Community Center of Haacht ( 850 m² surface - 3 levels) it is the place in Belgium to discover contemporary art in these disciplines, offering collectors, gallery owners and the general public the opportunity to meet artists from different countries in an great architectural environment.

Thanks to a rigorous selection procedure the Art Foundation ensured that only the best work is on show thus confirming its commitment to promote excellence art.

From the start art collectors found their way to this exceptional location , the high quality of the works on display and the general interest proved to be a missing link in the Belgian art scene - an insight into the national and international art scene was made possible.

Exhibitors and audiences expressed their enthusiasm about the Biennials and were  thrilled to be able to participate and to visit the exhibitions (Art Biennials : paper art, ceramic art, glass art and textile art).

The mission of this Art Foundation is to facilitate a dialogue with the public by exhibiting venues that examine contemporary concern through diverse medium and perspectives.
We are an art supporter establishing a solid foundation in bridging between national and international artists and their public.
IPA 2015
Tentoonstelling voor "GRAFISCHE KUNSTEN" voorbehouden aan Belgische grafici.
Exposition "ART GRAPHIQUE" réservée aux graphistes belges.


Open call : info

IGB 2016
International Ceramic Biennial   2017

2 > 10 december - Décembre / December  2 > 10

Gastkunstenaar : Achiel Pauwels - Belgium

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